Your wedding says everything about you so your choice of Celebrant is very important. Meera is an experienced performer and writer who can help you bring YOUR Love Story to life!

Some couples know exactly what they want, others need more guidance to tailor something truly personal so Meera has two Packages from which to choose – simply decide how much help you need and choose accordingly!


The PEARL PACKAGE: A basic package for those organised types who know what they want and/or like to keep things very simple – you don’t need a rehearsal and you’ve got a clear idea of what you want in terms of Elements in your ceremony: Readings, Rituals, Vows etc. 

You only need one meeting and you’re happy to do the rest via telephone and email.

The DIAMOND PACKAGE: A more inclusive package for couples who need help with ideas, planning, rituals and inclusions for the ceremony. You may have more people to organise and would like more support to pull things together from start to finish. 

You might need more than one meeting, or a rehearsal, and you’re wanting my advice on Elements such as personalised Vows and Music.

You really can have things as simple or complex as you like – your Love Story is unique and so your Ceremony should reflect that.

Some couples will want to involve family and friends, others may like the idea of personal rituals or wards of faith to reflect their own beliefs.

The point is to choose a ceremony which best reflects who you both are and intend to be as a couple moving forward together!

Standard Inclusions: 

Your personally written ceremony – a former journalist and writer, from a family of journalists and published authors, Meera is uniquely qualified to write and create beautiful text!


Your ceremony conducted as required under Australian Law.


Your legal documents lodged as required (Pearl Package does not include provision of the Official Certificate).


Your chosen date and time reserved immediately you book so it cannot be taken by another party.

Face-to-face meetings, email, telephone or Skype as required in accordance with your Package.

Your Elements – assistance with Vows, Rituals etc. Meera will be on site 20 minutes prior to the ceremony and liaise with your wedding suppliers as and if required. Meera will dress according to the colours and theme you have chosen.


Other Options – PA, microphone and a Signing Table and chair (if required).


Your ceremony – delivered with grace, joy and confidence by Meera.


Phone 0406 512 162 for a no-obligation chat!

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