“From the moment that we made contact with Meera, Mark and I both knew we actually didn’t even want to meet with anyone else. We instantly loved her incredible energy, enthusiasm and professional approach to being the very special person to marry us. We honestly cannot find enough positive, happy adjectives to describe Meera and how much she created the most perfect wedding ceremony for us.

Meera was so open, creative and gave us lots of great ideas and advice on what we needed to think about in the planning for the big day, and then helped us pull together our vows that were just ‘so us’, so personal, and actually really made our wedding. Before we met Meera I don’t think we both realised how much of a difference having the freedom to write our vows with Meera’s amazing guidance would make to the actual day!
Meera took control, with just the right amount of calm and enthusiasm with the bridal party at the rehearsal, and that was EXACTLY what we needed. Meera knew exactly what everyone needed to know to prepare for the smoothest day possible. She kept us both completely calm and focused on ourselves actually, which we both really appreciated.

Then on the actual day, there Meera was, looking gorgeous is a beautiful red outfit, smiling, keeping Mark happy whilst he waited 30mins for me, the bride, to arrive! She made the ceremony just so incredibly special, so inviting, and so meaningful. We both thought we would be so nervous on the day, but, knowing Meera would create the magic, both of us were totally relaxed, and honestly just enjoyed and had fun in our ceremony!

THANK YOU Meera, we would 100% x a million recommend you to all, and already have!!”
Jane & Mark Burgess
“I would recommend Meera to everyone. She is the most amazing and down-to-earth person. She really gets to know you. I couldn’t have asked for a better Celebrant yesterday. Wouldn’t hesitate to tell everyone to use Meera.”
Tash Tompkin & Cara Seet
“Thank you so much Meera for everything that you did for us! You were absolutely amazing, everything was so personalised and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of your support.”
Burcu Unutmaz
“Meera made our day absolutely perfect including all that was us! Highly recommend!”
Nikki Lee & Nathan Pfister
“Meera helped me so much with one phone call – just love her.”
Traci Lynn Nowland

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Location: Kurrajong, New South Wales 2758

Email: meera@marriedbymeera.com